Will Apple Prevent Jailbreaking with iOS 5?

Users who like to jailbreak their devices might find some difficulty with iOS 5. According to a report by Mashable, the iPhone Dev Team was looking through the code for iOS 5 beta 2, and it discovered that Apple is putting measures that will make it harder for users to revert to earlier versions of iOS. 

Users typically tend to try out the latest features from the latest iOS, and then revert back to earlier versions to take advantage of their jailbroken devices. The current way to work through this, is to backup the SHSH blob before updating the software, so that an older version of iOS can be restored later. 

However, in iOS 5, Apple is changing the way these blobs are created. The blobs will be created every time the device is rebooted, which means users won't be able to download an earlier version of the software if they only have an old version of the key. 

In addition, iOS 5 will feature automatic over-the-air updates, which technically means Apple could send patches to fix the latest jailbreak work around. 

As with any new software development, there are bright minds at work finding new ways to exploit them. The iPhone Dev Team tells readers that there are always ways to work around these updates, but the Beta period isn't the time to discuss them. Nevertheless, they do admit that Apple has "stepped up their game."

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