Long Lines for the iPhone 4S; Most are excited about Siri

Lines were long at the Boulder, CO Apple Store as people eagerly awaited a chance to get their hands on the new iPhone 4S. Some enthusiasts camped out overnight, while other starting forming in line as early as 4 am.

Tom, a store manager at the Apple Store in Boulder, said they were "very well stocked" and ready for the large number of people. Apple store employees were walking up and down the line with their iPads checking people's upgrade eligibility and assigning people tickets with the iPhone model they wanted to buy. This way, he told me, they can just receive the iPhone 4S as soon as they walk in. Also, he told me that they were assigning each person to an Apple specialist. This meant there could never be more people in the store than Apple employees. 

I spoke to a father and son duo who had been in line for about 2 hours. They were both getting iPhones, one white and one black. The son's previous phone, a Sony Ericsson model, had just broken, so they took the opportunity to upgrade to the iPhone 4S. 

Another couple had been in line for about an hour; they were most excited about checking out Siri. 

Overall the operations seemed super smooth. Some Apple employees were simply chatting with people as they waited in line, and it wasn't long until one of them approached me and started chatting me up. 

The virtual inteligent Assistant, Siri, seems to be the big story here, and I suspect once more people start using it, it'll draw more people to the iPhone 4S.

(Check out some demos of Siri in action

Here are more pictures:

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