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Help us win $5,000 in 23 seconds

Dear friends,

We're partnering with a company called Zebra Media to create useful and interesting how-to videos and app/accesory reviews on our YouTube channel. Zebra Media is currently in 1st place to win $5,000 for new equipment, but their 1st place lead is shrinking, and they need just a few seconds of your time. The contest ends in 2 days. Please take a moment to vote for them at this link: http://www.myentre.net/busProfile/tabid/95/Default.aspx?entry=465


Your support means the world to us, and we promise to return this simple gesture ten-fold. (Did I hear "free iPhones?")


With gratitude, 

Alex Cequea Editor-in-Chief iPhone Life magazine and iPhonelife.com Want to master your iPhone and iPad? Sign up here to get our tip of the day delivered right to your inbox.
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