Ellen DeGeneres's App Is Hilarious

I've been playing Ellen DeGeneres's new trivia app for the iPad, Know or Go ($1.99). It's based on the trivia game she plays with contestants on her show where if you get the answer wrong you drop through a hole on the ground. It's hilarious to watch if you haven't seen it (video below). The app is definitely a fun time. Ellen's voice makes funny comments throughout the entire game, and the trivia questions are wide-ranging and varied. You can earn points and unlock achievements, and the game has three dificulty levels: Easy, medium, and hard. One of the coolest features was the ability to create your own character using your real head!. The app conects to your photo album or Facebook to fetch a picture of your face. Then you fiddle with the edges to make sure your entire face gets cut out. Check out the game and my character below:



My favorite part of the game is this: When you answer a few questions correctly, in true Ellen fashion, your character does a little dance. 



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