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The iPhone Life team invites you to contribute to our yearly How-To Guide, hitting the newsstands in early June. The majority of the articles will have some “how-to” angle, but we will also have our regular sections like People, At Work, Great Gear, Creating Great Apps, etc. Writing for iPhone Life is a fun way to increase your exposure, and if we publish your article, we will include your contact information with a picture and small bio. We'll also pay $25 for each published article. 

To propose an article, click here.

For general details about the editorial logistics, please read our Writer's Guidelines

Here are some ideas and example articles from last year’s How-To Guide:

  • “How do I customize music settings?”
  • “How to use a card scanner to make contact entry easier”
  • “How to get an app built”
  • “How to shoot great video with your iPhone”
  • “How to manage your data usage”

iPhone Life magazine is distributed through newsstands in over 60 countries, digitally through Zinio.com, and nationally through outlets such as Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, and Wal-Mart. We have a readership of over 500,000. The mission of iPhone Life is to cover the best apps, top tips, and greatest gear to help you unleash the power of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. We are a community of iPhone and iPad enthusiasts.

Thanks, and happy writing!

Alex Cequea Editor in Chief iPhone Life magazine



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