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Rumor: Lens supplier for 2nd Gen iPad leaked


CNET reports via Digitimes that a Taiwanese based company, known as Largan Precision will be the main supplier of camera lenses for the second generation iPad. 

Digitimes reports that due to "market rumors" Largan has refused to comment on whether or not they will be the supplier, despite the fact that they already supply lenses for the iPhone 4. CNET further explains that a camera for the next generation of iPads is just a logical step in their evolution since the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch already have cameras.  Both CNET and Digitimes also report that shipments for the newest iPad can be expected to begin in the first quarter of 2011.  So for now only time will tell.  



CNET: "iPad 2 camera lens supplier leaked"

Digitimes: "Largan declines to comment about lens module order for iPad 2"

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