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iPhone: 21st century steam engine

What James Watt and the steam engine did for the industrial revolution, I believe Apple and the iPhone will do for the 21stcentury worker.

Allow me introduce myself. My name is Damon McGill and this is my first blog posting ever. I work as an electrical engineer and as a ICU nurse.

Within both of these diverse fields I find several uses each day to incorporate my iPhone into my work life. As a nurse, having access to medical applications and the Internet in my pocket literally has saved lives.

But corporate America must change the way they view workers using their phones. Granted in the recent past when you saw someone using their phone at work, they usually were just talking on it. Now, with the iPhone and other smart phones, an employee can do productive work with a tool that once was used exclusively to talk.  This brings me to the crux of my first ever blog post.

How do you change manager’s views about workers using their iPhones to do work for the company? Is it simply a matter of educating management or is there better way to bring about a change in attitudes? I welcome your feedback.

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