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What CAN'T I Say?!

photo: http://www.apple.com


Don't you remember those shoes on the gameshow network where the person was giving the clues and the other contestant had to guess what they were getting at without saying a certain couple of other words?  Why do I want to say it was called pyramid?  Anyway!  This application, Can't Say That, reminds me of it so much!


A cross between what I was just previously talking about, and Draw Something, this game is really cool!  A lot of fun, the user and a player battle it out in a game of words.  First, sign in with Facebook and find an opponent.  There are a couple of different ways that an opponent can be chosen: Facebook, random and, E-mail.


When an opponent is chosen, the user also choses a word (out of three) that are of difficulties that range from 1-3.  The difficulty that the person choses is the amount of points that you will get.  After the word is selected, at the bottom of the screen will be a list of words the player cannot use when giving the clue to their opponent.  After they see the list of words, they must write a clue and send it to their opponent for them to guess the word.


As you can I'm sure now figure, the game is called "Can't Say That," because there are certain words that you cannot say while you are giving clues to your opponent to guess the main word.  This game is great fun so try it out in the app store, here, today!

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