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Squirmin' for German!





          Going to Germany?  Well fear not.  This application is one to take with you.  When school began, I became friends with a German girl.  She did not speak broken English, she was very good however it was helpful that I have this app because I can now use it to translate and speak back to her in German! 

            Speechtrans is an application that allows the user to type anything into the top white box.  After doing so, the use presses the done button and a notification will pop up saying that it is translating the English.  When done, the application will speak the translation out to the user.  Not only this, but it will appear on the screen in German right under it.  Now after the translation, there are certain things that the user can do.

            When its done translating, there are other options.    There is a play button on the top of the German section of the screen as well as the English section of the screen.  This function allows the user to play back what they have written both in English and German. 



         Another part of the layout of this applications is the bottom options.  First on the left is an arrow.  The arrow expands with five options.  The options allow the user to e-mail the recording, e-mail translation result, view saved translations, buy the translations and cancel.  Next to that, there is an option to share your translation on Facebook and on Twitter.  Then finally, there is an information button where one can learn about Nuance.

            To accommodate the user, they can change the playbacks voice to male/female.  Not only this, but they can also change whether the translation happens automatically, or not. 

            All in all this is a good application for the iPhone.  It really did help me be able to translate more and more of what my German friend was actually saying!  I am also now able to post some of this on her Facebook wall, which I like.  The application comes with a price tag of $19.99, and there are a series of other languages as well.  This is an application with a minimal amount of options so it makes it easier to use. 

            So if you need some help with your German, please make use of SpeechTrans!

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