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Snap2PDF, Snap Into Action!



Ever start to feel like you are super unorganized?  The feeling can be overwhelming at times.  Whether you are a student still in school or a pre-occupied businessman, the Snap2PDF application may be the answer to your prayers!

The coolest thing about the application is the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which allows documents to be scanned directly to the phone (to the app) for easy storage.  This makes storing your paper documents so much easier -- you don't have to carry the paper around because it will all be “carried” on your phone!

Simply take a picture of the document that you wish to store on your phone, and it will transfer the document to the phone in no time.  Normally you would think that just documents could be used with this app, but that’s not true.  Try keeping track of receipts, business cards, newspaper and magazine articles, and more!

To get started, open the app.  On the first screen, choose the option to take a picture of the object that you want to scan into the application.  There are a plethora of tools to edit your scan.  First, there is an option to flip the photo 90 degrees.  Second, there is the “Image Rectification,” which sets the photo and makes it ready to be saved.  There is finally an option to change the language of the scan.  Save it, and you are done!

Other options include re-taking pictures, filing pictures alphabetically, and creating categories, making it even easier to stay organized.

This application is awesome. It can be used to store almost anything.  Imagine what life would be like with having the world in your hands!

Try it out in the app store today -- click here!

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