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PowerCam, its like an expansion pack for Instagram!

photo: www.apple.com

Instagram has really been making a dent in the social media world lately.  We can't really blame it because of how innovative, interactive and fun it is.  An easy thing to get frustrated with is the limited films and effects that it as but have no fear, PowerCam is an app that provides a whole lot more.


Essentially, PowerCam is like an expansion pack for Instagram. With tons of effects to add to a photo or a video in some instances, it is very simple to jazz up a photo.

Open up the application and you see the home screen where you have the option to collage, capture, view your gallery and edit the photos.  When you chose the collage option, you can see the photos from the camera roll on your phone or the gallery from the Power Cam app.  Select 8 of the photos to make a collage and press collage.  The photos will then form into a collage and you have the option to save them to the camera roll, change the formation, and share the finished product with friends. 

When you select the capture option from the front page, the camera appears.  There are a few things that appear on this screen: the option to go back home, the option to upgrade the app, turning the camera to front-facing, viewing the gallery and changing the effects. 

There are a ton of effects on this application that range from sepia tone, to black and white, to tons of different effects that you have never heard of.  The option to take a panoramic image is also included in the effects!  Create your own color manipulated images and color your world with PowerCam.

The option to date label the photos, auto review them, touch them, face-track them, have the photo grid and resolution are also options.  Viewing the gallery and editing the photos are the two other options on the home screen and they are self-explanatory.

Overall, this application is phenomenal and well-worth the download.  There are a TON of amazing filters for interesting Instagram photos and fun for hours!  Check it out in the app store.


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