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Magazine Organization 101!


Need an easier way to organize your subscribed magazines or your magazines of choice?  Well look no further than Magzter.  Quite frankly,  this application is innovative.  The main screen contains four main options: featured, new arrivals, categories, and search.


In the featured category, the app shows just that; featured magazines.  Within this screen, there is the option to add the magazine to your own shelf, or view your own shelf.  There is also a large display of the cover of the magazine.


Click on the new arrivals tab and the app will display the newest magazines.  Within ins tab, the user has the option to also add to the shelf, or view your own shelf.  Just like the featured there is a large display of the magazines cover.


Move on over to the categories tab.  It is here where you see the following categories: art, business, education, entertainment, home, lifestyle, mens interest, news, regional magazines (Dutch, India, and Thai), science and tech, sports, travel, and womans interest.  Click on one category will be shown.  Theres the option to add each one to your shelf, view your shelf, and return back to the categories.


The search tab allows the user to search for any keyword and makes it easier to find the certain magazine youre looking for at any given time.


Check our Magzter if you are a magazine lover.  The app has something that everyone is looking for.  


Check it out, here!



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