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Love the game Battleship? Battle At Sea: OLD ALERT!




Okay so does anyone remember the good old game of Battleship?  I love it!  I honestly remember playing with my great uncle on the porch during a rainy day.  The game was such a great one to teach strategy at a young age!  Well, if you are a fan of this game, then check out this application!


It is called Battle at Sea: Old Alert!  The game has two options of which you can play: Player vs. Computer, or Player vs. Player.  Then of course on the main screen, there is the option to click on “How to Play.”


When you select the version that you want to play, you then are to select your fleet of which there are two options, then you deploy all of your ships.  After the ships are deployed, you start playing the game.  The layout of the game is your grid of ships (smaller) on the left side of the screen so you can see where the opponent is trying to sink your ships, and then the opponents’ grid where you are trying to sink their ships.


The rest is history basically.  You have to try and sink the opponents’ ships.  There are options of course to turn the sound on and off and then to end the game.


The game is so much fun!  Try it here, in the apple store today!

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