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Learn Japanese, if you please!


Any fellow students out there with me?  I know that when school starts, I feel the pressure!  I always wonder what I can do to take my mind off school but still keep my mind sharp on the weekends!   Well check out this application.  It is perfect for beginners who want to learn a little bit of Japanese.  Learning a language is perfect for spare time during the school year because it keeps your mind sharp. 


Check out the main screen.  There are study cards, lessons, quizzes, an study bank. 


Study cards then brings you to a screen where you can chose your own study and flash cards.  Put whatever words you want to learn in each category and some are already there for you.  Say for instance you chose study bank, there are several options.  Within each option there are several Chapters.  For the purpose of this review the user choses chapter one.  After they select chapter one, select the start button in the right hand corner.  A-e-i-o-u will come up with the Japanese symbol, the letter and the option to “love,” the word. 


Click on the “a” letter.  The symbol comes up in a larger view and gives an example sentence.  The card lets you know how many times you have studied it.  Not only this, but the option to e-mail the sentence and what you are studying to another person.  You are also able to like the word again. 

Check out Japanese Phrases FREE, here, it is definitely worth it!

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