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Inside Look: Innovative Worldictionary.



Ever get so lazy that you don’t even feel like taking out the dictionary to look up a word?  I know I have actually felt that feeling, especially during all of this college work.  Sometimes an easy remedy is to just look it up online.  Well, look it up online no longer!  Let me introduce you to the most innovative application called, “Worldictionary.”


With its power to not only look up the definition of a word, but also search information and videos on it with one scan, the application is phenomenal.  Upon opening the app on the phone, the user will see a magnifying glass with a blinking dot and crosshair.  This is the aim for the camera to pick up the word.   If the word cannot be read, the message “can’t recognize this word” will come up and inform the user that they need to adjust the position of the lens to the camera.


Once the lens starts picking up words, they will be displayed in the bottom right hand corner above the settings tab.  When the word that the user wants defined comes up,  the user clicks on it to display the definition and the service of a thesaurus.  Not only this, but the user has the option of Google searching the word, searching it on Wikipedia, or finding videos that contain the word searched.  At this screen the user can bookmark the word, or share it with e-mail or sms. 


Also on the main screen, is the history option, to see the applications history, the bookmark option or the option to go to the users personal camera roll.  Languages are also adjustable on the front page as well as the settings.  Of course if the user is not into searching via camera, there is also the option to write in the word as well.  Finally, there is also an option to use a flash while scanning the word if it is difficult to pick up in the dark. 


Worldictionary is a great application.  The only thing I would pay extra attention to while using the app is if the user is scanning a word that is not on a flat surface.  Carefully hold the camera so that  it can pick up the whole word.


You can pick up Worldictionary in the app store today for $5.99, check it out here!

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