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Humming My Way .. To #1 on the Charts!

I know that deep down inside of you all, you must have a superstar, rockstar voice.  Am I right?  I know I am.  Anyway!  This application for your iPhone might be your chance to make it big!  


HumStar is a great application.  So much fun, it allows you to be the creator of your own spin on an already created tune that you can share with your friends.  A game that can be played through e-mail, with your facebook friends, or with a random opponent, this is a cool way to have fun with humming!


First, chose who you would like to compete against of the previously mentioned three choices.  After you have chosen, select the level that you would like to play on (easy, medium and hard).  Each level will provide a song that you will eventually record your own version (humming of course) and send it on to your friends to guess!


Collect coins that will allow the players to switch out songs and propel your score.  The settings tab of the application allows the user to turn off the sound, view account settings, view the amount of coins you have, help, feedback, login and about.


Try out this application, HumStar, for free in the app store!

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