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Do YOU Deserve a Medal?

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Ever feel like someone you know doesn't get enough credit? Well times like that are over.  This application will let you award anyone you want, a medal.  After all they deserve a medal.  Try out the application, Deserve A Medal.

Open up the application and the user will see a couple of options.  The options are: take a photo, choose a photo, and send a medal without a photo.  

When choosing the option to take a photo, the user's camera application will open and they will capture a new photo.  To chose a photo, the user will chose one from their photo album that is on their phone.  Finally the user has the option to send a medal without the photo.  This option allows the user to send a medal without taking a new photo, or chosing a photo.  It will just be the medal.

After taking a photo or uploading a photo, the user will be prompted with a message that tells them to position where the medal goes.  After selecting where the medal is to go, the user must then click next and move onto where they will fill out the certificate of the medal.  

After essentially creating their own certificate to match the medal, the user will chose the style that they want the certificate to appear in.  After this, the user will see the finale project which is the photo and the certificate.

At this point, the user has the option to: save to phone, send by email, share on Facebook, share on twitter, or buy a real medal and A5 certificate.  

Check out this application in the app store today and send that person a medal that really deserves it! 

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