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Do the, "Situation Shuffle!"



Whats better than keeping your brain moving, but playing a game at the same time?  Well, why don’t you try Situation Shuffle?  It’s a really fun game and challenging at the same time. 


Click on the application and it will open to six different shuffles.  To unlock each shuffle, the user must have a certain “IQ.”  The IQ is acquired by playing the games.  Upon playing the games, the user has the option to click, “hint” which will take away IQ points. 


Click on the quizzes to begin the puzzles.  The puzzles consist of six picture images and the user must put them in order based on clues hidden in the images.  In the top left hand corner, the user can see their IQ and in the top right hand corner, there is the back button where the user can go back and chose another puzzle.


When choosing the hint option in solving a puzzle, the user has to tab images for the hint.  It is here where IQ points will be deducted.  If the user decides that they do not want the hint, they can cancel.  There are four hints allowed in each puzzle.


When you are done rearranging the photos and the user wants to check, they can select check in the bottom right hand corner.  They will be prompted if they are sure about their choices.  After this, they will get their verdict and continue with the game.


This game is great, and very fun!  Check it out in the app store today!

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