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Coach Calls the Shots!


photo: http://www.apple.com

One of the best things about being the coach is that you get to call the shots.  Growing up playing sports and with a brother who has done so as well, I have been around several coaches and I know that the task is not easy.  Have you ever wanted to plan the plays yourself?  Well, here is your chance.


With Coach Note, the user has the option to write their own notes and share/send them with other people.  With fifty-five field layouts from a plethora of different sports, the user can chose one and create their own plays.  The user can also easily create with dotted lines, colors, and arrows to show the plays that are being made and label the players names.


Another feature on the app is that the user can time the plays for accuracy.  Not only this, but they can create multiple plays in the same field layout category.


This application is great for coaches and for teaching players on a team how to execute plays.  Try out this application in the app store today, here.

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