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Daniel Cohen

EvernoteEvernote is a superb electronic notebook Web service and application that’s great for storing Web clippings, e-mail, and more. I wrote about it in the first issue of iPhone Life and mention it again because a series of updates have made it one of the most important productivity tools I use. The more important enhancements include the ability to edit plain text notes, store notes on the iPhone for off-line access, and the improved stability and speed of the app.


In addition, I appreciate Evernote’s ability to automatically sync notes between different computers. I can start a note on my iMac, continue working on it on my MacBook, and finish editing it on my iPhone. Best of all, no matter which device I am using, I always have the most current version of the text available.


Evernote is so valuable that we’re now using it to track 
pastoral issues at our synagogue, with all of the members of the clergy sharing a single account. The Evernote iPhone app is free, as is the basic Web service. We use their “Premium” service, which is available for $5/mo or $45/yr and includes 500 MB of data upload and priority OCR scanning.

Free; evernote.com