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Voice Dial: Add voice dialing capability to your iPhone

Patrick Jordan


Voice Dial thumbnailUse voice commands to call contacts, launch apps, and open bookmarked Web pages

Voice Dial features large, bold buttons for its most common commands and navigation choices. The program does require some initial training—you'll need to record its three default system commands (Accept, Cancel, Repeat), as well as individual commands for contacts, apps, and Web bookmarks. Similar mobile apps, require zero training and are ready to go out of the box.

A pre-release version suffered a little in terms of the accuracy of voice recognition. Makayama says this will be improved in the final version.

If Voice Dial delivers its promised improved recognition accuracy, it should prove to be quite a popular app. The interface is slick and very usable. The need for training to use the app should also be reduced or eliminated. 

Voice Dial