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Solitaire City: 50 different games and great graphics

Patrick Jordan

Solitaire City screenshot thumbnailThis one puts 50 variations of Solitaire on your iPhone or iPod touch. It includes excellent background graphics and special effects, your choice of card back designs, unlimited un-dos, a timed scoring system, and more. You also have online access to high-score tables and interactive training for versions of the game you're unfamiliar with.


The touch implementation is very natural and intuitive. All the games have options and variations. It would be nice if there was a button to click when a game is obviously won. Also, they need to change Cribbage and Poker so that an onscreen message doesn't cover up the final score. The author is very responsive to suggestions and has already updated his software several times. (Hal Goldstein, Publisher of iPhone Life)

Solitaire City

  • $9.99
  • Digital Smoke