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Last FM: Version 2.0.0

Steve Green

LastFM Radio AppLast FM works very similar to Pandora Radio by allowing you to create a custom radio station based on the music style of your favorite band. When you start the app you are given the option of creating your own custom library or going with Last FM’s recommendations. To create a custom library you have to sign up for a free account on their Web site. Your account allows Last FM to track your song listening habits (a process called “scrobbling”) and deliver the content you prefer.

Last FM is a highly customizable application and may be overwhelming to a new user who just wants to listen to some music. However, the service provides this kind of customization for the expressed purpose of giving you a pleasurable listening experience based on what you love to hear. The audio quality was superb, by far one of the best tested amongst these Internet radio apps. I was impressed at just how clear the music sounded even at high volumes. As with other apps Last FM pauses when you receive a phone call. Unfortunately, the music does not start back up automatically.