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Fizz Weather: Access detailed, up-to-date weather info

Patrick Jordan

Fizz Weather Screenshot thumbnailBright, sunny layout with lots of info

Given the sheer volume of weather information we have available these days, it is crucial for a mobile weather app to present this information in an easy-to-access layout. Fizz Weather lets you easily swap between its primary and detailed views via tabs along the bottom of the screen. The views offered are: 5 Day, 2 Day, Now, Map, and Airports.

Fizz Weather provides weather information for over 58,000 cities worldwide, You can link to Google Maps from within Fizz Weather, and the program supports GPS location lookup. One of the nicest features in this program is its clean and easy-to-use layout. Each of the views is very well designed.

Fizz Weather offers a very good alternative to the iPhone's built-in Weather application. It provides more detailed information and a broader range of maps, forecasts, and overviews. It presents this information in an attractive interface.

Fizz Weather