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Blackjack 21: A winning hand for the iPhone!

Patrick Jordan
Rich Hall

Blackjack 21 screenshot thumbnailGreat looks, great game play

If you like blackjack, you'll love Blackjack 21. The first thing you'll notice is how great it looks and feels—the table, the cards, the slick animations, the buttons and graphics—all have a realistic look and feel to them. Although the default screen looks are great, you can customize the table and the cards from within the game's Settings screen. I love the cowboy-style "Saloon" table theme.

The great looks are nice, but it's the game play that really gets you hooked. Blackjack 21 makes excellent use of the iPhone's toucah screen to make the game easy to play. You use swiping gestures for all of your main actions during a hand. For example, you swipe left across the screen to stand or down to ask for a hit. There are a number of tap-and-swipe combinations you need to learn to interact with the game, but it's easy to get the hang of it. Once you do, game play is very fast. Blackjack 21 keeps track of your winnings and achievements, and remembers exactly where you left off last time you played. You can start playing, stop to take care of business, and hop straight back into the game.

The game offers a huge range of options, from altering the minimum bet, to dictating how the dealer will play, and lots more. Most of the default settings were fine for my taste, but you may want to tweak them if you're a hardcore blackjack ace. 

Blackjack 21 plays as great as it looks. It will be a surefire favorite for blackjack fans and those on the lookout for great iPhone games.

Blackjack 21